A Look Inside the Cottage - "6 MONTHS...NOW WHAT?!"

A Look Inside the Cottage - "6 MONTHS...NOW WHAT?!"

Starting a small business has many challenges and definitely a roller coaster of emotions! One day you may be overwhelmed yet excited! Then the next you are discouraged by the orders that are barely trickling in.  Whatever emotion you battle today, stay the course.  Consistency is the key to any success story regardless of subject matter.

The first six months of being a small business owner has been a tremendous learning experience.  Fortunately, my 20+ years in a corporate environment has helped with the business end but the technical side can be frustrating!  Linking products to this and that site, meeting product description requirements, etc...ugh! It has taken weeks at times to figure out some platforms. But I have learned to step away, take a breath (or two) then come back and try to figure it out. Eventually after the one millionth re-read, it starts to make sense. All joking aside, it is okay to take a break.  You do not have to meet the standards of anyone else and how they started.  Different roads lead to success, remember that!

For what it is worth, my advice for those considering starting a business is to document everything possible and BE CONSISTENT.  Consistent with your marketing and social media, documenting your expenses, researching how to be more efficient, etc.  I maintain a spreadsheet (neatly tabbed) with a timeline of events, contacts for various needs, suppliers, costs, expenses, product details and so much more.  Having everything organized and in one place cuts back on the anxiety and allows me to focus energy elsewhere.

If you are a fellow business owner, I wish you the best of luck!  If you are a customer, potential customer, or just an inquisitive friend, thank you for taking the time to read this “blog”. As a result of me taking the advice of other small business owners, this blog has been created and is my, “now what”.  I invite you to walk this journey with me and follow…”A Look Inside the Cottage” – Brandi, Owner (Champagne Cottage LLC)

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