A Look Inside the Cottage: "A Day in the Life of a Grateful Heart

A Look Inside the Cottage: "A Day in the Life of a Grateful Heart

"A Day in the Life of a Small Business Owner Grateful Heart"

Screeeech…..I have gone back to revise this writing. Instead of boring you with my day to day, let me tell you about the people that make my busy days easier.  I am ever so grateful for all the wonderful support I have in my life. From family, friends to customers who quickly become friends, you all are such a blessing to me!

My family and close friends have been an anchor since the birth of Champagne Cottage. Giving advice, purchasing products, sharing posts, liking posts and cheering me on through the scary parts (social media appearances - these have been the most terrifying task so far). Their level of support is genuine and they have no idea how much I appreciate them. True friendships and support systems are revealed through difficult times and definitely when you start a business. You guys are amazing!

The partnerships/friendships that have developed through Champagne Cottage have been so uplifting. Our first retail space and partnership has been with Sweet Tweets Bird Supply. The partnership has been so rewarding! I love having the opportunity to showcase other businesses and celebrate successes with them. Never get stuck in the mindset that shining the light on someone else will dim your light. There is room for us all to win!  

Customers! We. Have. The. Most. Incredible. Customers. Seeing them excited about products makes me so happy! I receive some of the sweetest messages and it makes my day! Every order from the Cottage is sent with love and a prayer of blessings for those who receive it. Thank you again to all those who bring life to this dream, I cherish you – Brandi, Owner (Champagne Cottage LLC)

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