A Look Inside the Cottage - "DON'T FEAR, MIX IT UP"

A Look Inside the Cottage - "DON'T FEAR, MIX IT UP"

Stepping outside of the box can be a bit scary. The unknowns and uncertainty of how a product(s) or idea may be received can produce a lot of anxiety. But as an entrepreneur and small business owner, you go ahead, take the chance and invest. Sometimes it’s a flop but sometimes it’s a hit! Don’t allow fear to hold you back and stifle your creativity.  Keeping a log of ideas is very important because inspiration can happen at any time. It may be months before the idea comes to life but the moment you write it down it becomes real.

For instance, our new Cheery Collection is an idea that came to me a while back. I wasn’t sure how to make it all come together, so I jotted the idea down and came back to it “later”. Later is when I switch hats and think with a business mind and not just the creative side.  A creative side can go all in and doesn’t always consider everything involved. That is why it’s important to step back and revisit the idea when you can calculate the time, cost and processes required. This will help determine if the idea holds value.

Therapeutically, this collection has allowed my artistic side to be used bringing me peace, relaxation and the feeling of accomplishment. All of our products are handcrafted and designed (including the labels) by me. I say that only to affirm Champagne Cottage customers are important and do not receive a cookie cutter product. Each product is produced with care and the customer’s satisfaction in mind.

Back to the details…I am SO excited about this new line of fun, celebratory and decorative candles! We celebrate so many occasions with candles.  The Cheery Collection has combined fun, festivity and creativity with a beautiful fragrance. Any of these candles would serve as a nice gift or a treat for yourself! So many things are accomplished in one product. 

There are four designs within the Collection: “Cupcake Confetti” aka the Happy Birthday candle, “Celebration” aka the Congratulations candle, “Meet Me at the Café” aka the candle for coffee lovers, and my personal favorite, “Fruity Loops”.  Fruity Loops has the most delicious fragrance! It smells just like yummy fruity cereal and brings back childhood memories of watching cartoons on Saturday mornings.  And the design is too cute! 

Additional designs are in process and can be expected to release in time for fall and Christmas. Stay tuned to see what we unveil! – Brandi, Owner (Champagne Cottage LLC)


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