A Look Inside the Cottage - "HELPFUL TOOLS"

A Look Inside the Cottage - "HELPFUL TOOLS"


Starting out, you typically use the most basic tools needed to produce your product. For me, it was the obvious; hot plate, thermometer, metal pour pitcher, etc. These were good tools to get me started, but throughout the process I have acquired newer tools and procedures. Although change can be scary, I have learned to embrace better ways of doing things.  And in so, trying new tools has not only made the candle making process easier but much more efficient.  And we all know with business growth efficiency is vital!

I will introduce you to three of my favorite upgrades so far. These tools have helped me produce some of your favorites like “Celebration”“Maybe It’s Love”, and “Meet Me at the Café” much faster. First up…

(1) 7 quarts Wax Melter by Soylite Candles This wax melter has made my life so much easier.  It holds up to 14 lbs. of wax, has an easy pour valve, is non-stick and has an adjustable temperature setting. You have the option to pour your fragrance oil and/or color into the melter but I opt to drain the wax into a pouring pitcher.  After draining desired amount and after the wax reaches the correct temperature, I add fragrance oil and/or color. This enables me to have one source to melt wax in bulk then prepare different fragrances for pouring. It cuts down on time and clean up! The best part about draining into a pitcher to add oils and/or color is any unused wax can stay in the melter for next time. Just allow the wax to cool and cover with the glass lid that comes with your melter. Viola!  

(2) Laser Infrared Thermometer Non- Contact Digital Temperature Gun by PWWDADA What a handy tool this guy is! It provides instant heat readings with just a click. No clean up required or wiping wax from the stem before checking another fragrance. It has an LCD backlit screen and comes with batteries so you can put it to use right away!

(3) Stainless Steel Funnel by Zeromall Oh my word! I instantly became a fan of the funnel after one use! It is lightweight and enables more control over your pours while evenly releasing the wax. The silicon plug prevents leakage and the enclosed stand allows it to rest (mess free) until you are ready to pour.

I am not a paid affiliate of Amazon or any of the products listed above. If you are interesting in candle making for something more than a hobby, any of these tools would be a great addition! – Brandi, Owner (Champagne Cottage LLC)


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