A Look Inside the Cottage - "HELPFUL TOOLS: Part 2"

A Look Inside the Cottage - "HELPFUL TOOLS: Part 2"

Fun with a heat gun! My last blog discussed helpful tools that I have come to love while candeling! However, I forgot about one of my favorites, the heat gun! Something so simple has been a really big help to me. I first purchased the heat gun to secure the seal of our room + linen sprays (the seal is needed to secure the content and prevent tampering). Then I discovered how great it worked to smooth out wax blemishes. Sometimes after candles have cooled and settled, there may be a crater or uneven places on the top of the candle.  By heating the top layer of wax to a full melt pool (fully melted to the sides of the vessel), the wax will naturally redirect to the uneven areas… resulting in a smooth top :) For the most part and in my experience, soy wax typically settles well without the need to reheat the tops. But on occasion you will need a heat gun.

I also use a heat gun when preparing the Cheery Collection. The Cheery Collection is our line of fun, decorative and celebratory candles. There are five fragrances: “Cupcake Confetti, “Meet Me at the Café”, “Fruity Loops” (my favorite), “Celebration” and “Pumpkin Persuasion”. Each design is different and has wax accents on the top which require the help of a heat gun. These are the most time consuming to make, but probably the most fun.

The heat gun I currently use was purchased from Amazon and is the 300 Watt Portable Heat Gun by Zeopo Case. It is lightweight, easy to use and durable. There are many options to choose from so decide what works best for you!

I am not a paid affiliate of Amazon or the products listed above. Please note my opinions are based on my experiences with soy wax. – Brandi, Owner (Champagne Cottage LLC)

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