A Look Inside the Cottage – "HOW IT ALL BEGAN"

A Look Inside the Cottage – "HOW IT ALL BEGAN"

Today feels like a day of reflection. Which I have done a lot of since my mother’s passing in October 2020.  Losing a parent is different and one you can never quite prepare for. She unfortunately passed away with COVID during the height of the pandemic at 72 years old.  She was sure to remind me of her age a few days prior when I had misspoken saying she was 75 (that didn’t go over well).

Grief has a harsh way of teaching you things. Losing her has taught me to love harder, take the chances, relax and enjoy life. Although coping has gotten better, there are still days that it doesn’t seem real.  The support of family and friends have been a tremendous source of strength.  Don’t be afraid to lean on your friends during hard times, they want to help! And be sure to offer the same support in return. Life is tough and we need each other. Simply being kind and offering a smile can change the whole day for someone.

Back to how it began…as you may already know, my inspiration started with a search for a candle making class for my son and his wife as a birthday gift. With COVID leaving behind remnants of closed businesses, I was unable to find anyone teaching classes.  So I searched for candle making kits and quickly realized this was something I would really enjoy and it sparked from there.  

After the decision to start the business, ideas flooded my mind. I wanted to honor my mother or have a piece of her within the business somehow. Part of the initial candle making process is experimenting with various fragrances.  During this phase I created our signature scent, “Celebration”, a beautiful blend of sweet rhubarb, zesty grapefruit, apple, peach, cherry blossom and soft hydrangea. There were several things that related to my mother within this fragrance and name.  The crunch of the apples she ate, the grapefruit she would make me as a child with a dust of sugar, the hydrangea she gifted me a few years back (which blooms beautifully today). 

But most of all, it was the name, “Celebration”, that reminds  me to celebrate the victories (big or small) and to always remember, she is my biggest fan celebrating and cheering me on from above – Brandi, Owner (Champagne Cottage LLC)

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