A Look Inside the Cottage - "LET'S TALK SOY"

A Look Inside the Cottage - "LET'S TALK SOY"

Soy wax has been my introduction into the world of candle making.  Particularly, Golden Wax 464, and I must say my experience has been positive.  It is water soluble which makes clean up much easier and it sets beautifully! However, to ensure a smooth set, it is important not to stir too aggressively during the melting process and when you add fragrance oil. Pouring too fast into your vessel can cause an unbalanced finished as well. This patient, gentle process has proven successful for me so far. Click the links for more details and a better look of the smooth finishes on our Home Sweet Home (banana bread bakery blend) candle or Lavender Lush candles. These are two of the seven fragrances within our Classic Collection.


Another thing I love about soy wax is it burns clean and does not leave behind black soot marks. You can help keep the candle clean by trimming the wick between burns. This helps by reducing build up from forming on the tip of the wick. More good news! Soy wax burns slower which means you can enjoy your candle longer!

There are many wax options but I have yet to venture beyond soy. When purchasing wax (in bulk), it is beneficial to find local suppliers that are within reasonable driving distance.  Shipping can been pretty expensive due to the weight of the wax. Sometimes finding a local supplier candle be a little difficult. Luckily, I have at least two suppliers that are accessible.  One being twenty minutes away (yay!) and worst case, the other is just under two hours.  It is good to have a couple of options in case one is out of the product you need. Keep in mind, this type of bulk purchase would only make sense for candle makers. For hobbyist, or personal use buying a pound of wax online is perfectly fine. If you purchase a candle making kit, wax will be included. Typically, you can make three candles using 8oz. containers/vessels with a pound of wax.

Good luck on your candle projects!  I hope they turn out lovely and you enjoy it as much as I do! – Brandi, Owner (Champagne Cottage LLC)

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