A Look Inside the Cottage - "MY COUNTRY TIS OF THEE"

A Look Inside the Cottage - "MY COUNTRY TIS OF THEE"

Writing a blog is a bit out of my comfort zone so forgive me if my efforts are lacking. They say you should have a focus or a niche when blogging. I have yet to find exactly what that should be so until then I will continue to speak from the heart.

My home state is host to The World Games this month and I had the honor of attending some of the events. There have been many countries competing and represented with beautiful displays of patriotism. But nothing has been as beautiful and energizing to me, as the crowd chanting, “USA”, as our athletes took the stage. You could feel a genuine wave of unity, support and pride. Oh how it warmed my heart! I also witnessed our community embracing the visiting competing countries with kindness and extensive hospitality. From event volunteers who drove across state lines to recover lost equipment to spectators assisting with directions at airports due to communication barriers. The list could go on and on…it was refreshing to see such care and concern in operation.   

Currently, there are many troubling concerns looming within and over our country. In spite of it all, we are in this together.  Instead of constant conflict, try to listen and be respectful. “Listening” doesn’t mean you now agree, it simply means you chose grace and dignity. Each can still walk away with their personal views intact. One may even have a little more understanding and quite possibly a deeper level of respect for the other. 

In closing, let’s do our best to encourage and teach respect for those in uniform who tirelessly serve and protect our land. Proudly, I have loved ones who have served and protected in various capacities. It is a tremendous sacrifice and one that I am most grateful for. With the last couple of weeks full of “red, white and blue”…maybe I’ll create a patriotic product using our “mmm...apple pie” fragrance. After all, you can’t get any more American than apple pie! God Bless America!   – Brandi, Owner (Champagne Cottage LLC)

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